We know how important it is for residents to keep in touch with their families and friends. We encourage regular visits and contact, either electronically, by letter or by phone. Residents are supported to use personal computers and keep in touch with families further afield via email and Facetime. Facilities are available in the entrance hall for visitors to help themselves to refreshments at any time.


We welcome the views of residents and their families about the services we provide and offer a range of formal and informal ways for you to provide feedback. We hold meetings for families every six months when circumstances allow, which provides an opportunity to update you, to discuss any ideas you have, and to listen to any concerns. We regularly send updates and newsletters every six months to keep families informed of what’s happening in the home. The Home Manager has an ‘open door’ policy so that residents and families can request to see the Home Manager at any time.


Families can take meals with their loved ones at all times on request. Families and friends are welcomed to join in celebratory meals such as Christmas and are always invited to barbecues and buffet events which give residents, families, friends, and staff an informal chance to meet and chat.

"Staff are all kind to my mother-in-law. She enjoys them having a laugh with her. The hairdresser does a good job on her hair. The building is clean and tidy."
Family member of one of our residents